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About Pour la femme

«When they say in Pour la femme that they love to create, and creativity is life, they really think so.  Take a look at the collection of the brand, or even better - try on their universal solutions, and everything will fall into place»


It turned out that we became the only manufacturers of designer business clothes in the market of Ukraine, able to offer not only quality items, but also a kind of image  life.  All because the brand helps the modern business woman live in the rhythm of the city. 

With Pour la femme kits, you quickly choose what to wear today and do not waste precious time on this process.  The main task of Pour la femme collections is to help a woman look strictly and businesslike, but at the same time feminine and proper to her status.  The main thing is that we do not blindly follow trends, but we create a unique, classical style with elements of the avant-garde - these are "eternal" images for each day. 


What happens if Pour la femme clothes are your constant companion?

 We create solid images of a business woman for every day, which can easily be combined with each other.  Every day is a new story, and you are free to decide how it will pass.  And the key products from our collections help in this:

- Dresses
- Costumes
- Trousers
- Skirts
- Blouses
- Coats and other...

Images that you try on yourself every day can easily change each other after minor changes: from a strict office style to sophisticated  evening dress.  For example: on a traditional office dress-case, a cloak is worn, and you are already in a neat, evening dress.  And this is only one of our solutions, and there are much more in our collections. 


And what can be more expensive than time?

Perhaps, we have little in common with other manufacturers of business women's clothing.  But a lot with people who want to look business-like, at the same time stylish and beautiful.  We understand that the most valuable thing in our life is time.  Therefore, we create unique collections of business clothes, where the key elements are easily combined and combined.  You do not need to spend much time to decide what to wear today in the office - our stylists will pick up for you several images for different occasions: business meetings, work in the office or evening events. 


We are not going to stop on what has been achieved.

We expect new collections, styles and even more variety and unique stylistic solutions.  Stay with us, and be the first to appreciate our efforts!



We change the world for the better, make the life of the business lady more convenient and comfortable!  Are you with us?